Friday, June 11, 2010


Know the Early Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia destroy white blood cells or in the language of medicine called a white blood cell (WBC). With early recognition and treatment, the chance to recover from this disease will be better. The following are early symptoms of leukemia you need to know:

1. You often feel tired? Leukemia can cause you to tire easily, because of the increased production of white blood cells resulted in a large energy absorption of the body.

2. Is your weight continues to decrease? Would you eat a portion as usual, but your clothes getting loose? Leukemia causes reduced body weight, due to increased production of white blood cells to absorb many calories your body.

3. Record the frequency of headaches and feeling / dizziness and sometimes led to confusion. Increased production of white blood cells that normally do not penetrate into the possibility of central nervous system.

4th. Does your child often bleeding, nosebleeds, or appear bruised in several parts of her body? This is a common symptom of leukemia in children. Besides the red spots appear on the body, which is a common symptom of leukemia other children, is associated with swelling of the spleen and liver.

5. Check your type of paleness. Is your brightness and your face began redum kebinaran? This is also a common symptom of leukemia. Increased production of white blood cells that are not normally possible 'urgent' your red blood cells, thus making you be like less blood.

6. Check your lymph glands. Feel something under your armpits or on your throat. Do you feel a lump or swelling in there kind? Swollen lymph nodes are symptoms of leukemia symptoms

7. Try to feel and remember if you ever find a mild infection but did not get well? Even though your body continues to produce white blood cells, as anti body and your body against infection., But the white blood cells produced from the leukemia-affected person's body is not perfect and can not protect your body.

8. Check your spleen in a way: you lie in bed, place your palms on the left abdomen, below the rib cage. Feel if there is a small bump-bump there. This includes symptoms of leukemia.

9. Feel, do you often accompanied by night sweats and abdominal pain in the bones nausea / bloating. Waspadilah, karenatanda these signs are symptoms of leukemia.

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