Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For Outstanding Career Stay on Top

This article takes from Vivanews.com. Have fallen from their peak to a place you never imagined before? This condition may occur. Many people are already at the top, had suffered a career decline. Maintaining a career position is more difficult than building. Therefore, if you want to stay at the top, you need to have a powerful strategy.

It takes investment 'assets' you to keep and maintain the success you have achieved today. These assets, among others:

1. Time
Time is the most valuable. If passed, the time can not be returned. Thus, use of time as possible just for the things that is oriented around the growth and stability of your career. Allocate your time only for productive activities and important.

2. Material
Building wealth is not only knowing the strategy earn big. But we also need to know about managing money. The trick is simple, larger servings of 'rice' (read: money) is invested back instead of rice consumed.

No matter how much your current income, try to reinvest the money. Usefulness, can be a 'pillar' career when you have a problem, so that your life is not really collapsed. Even possible that with this investment you can have a new career in addition to a career in which you worked today.

3. The people around you
Humans are social beings. Therefore, in reaching for something, people need other people, whether family, leaders in the office, colleagues, and so forth. Invest these people a way to give good treatments, so when you need them, they are happy to support you. Remember, people outside of yourself you can build once you drop.

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