Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Come Walk With Me

Come dear child with me to go just for a while. See, you don't even have, I see it in your eyes. What good is a caring soul is only become a bit colder? Her bright smile, always a room lit up, it has been awhile. You need to say anything, let me speak my opinion.

Look I know from everyone, you're my favorite. I took a look at you and said: "The child is something that nobody else has." And you know what? I was right. You have a definite rarity in you, stating, "I am a leader, I not what others hear say, I am a strong person, my own decisions."

The same happy, caring soul is still there; It's just now see a little hurt and pain buried. So, I'm not sure whether your best friend was meant for you, or a boy who hurt you very much, but I know how I know that the Sun will come tomorrow, you'll be OK. I also know that if children want to act as your friend do something or something, what you will give up trying remove fake friendship and walk before you do something you might regret later in life.

Time to rest; We take a seat on the picnic bench. Life is not always fair, on some days, it seems like no one understands you, on some days, it seems that there no one around to listen to you. Take my hand and repeat dear child; for me, I am an intelligent, beautiful person. I know that life is not always be easy, but I make smart decisions. I know what other people say, and what to do could ask others for me better than to hear always may not be in my best interests, so I have to think about what my actions mean. I know that I should never be to peer pressure Friends are friends, advised to you into trouble. I promise to speak with someone when things too hard and the pressure to drink, do drugs, have sex to harass others, ditch school and steal is too much. I promise also to someone to talk to if my grades start to fall.

If ever a day where I'm not here to talk, find it to talk you always trusted adult. Make used a list and ten names on this list. You can your parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, consultants and pastor, someone who you can imagine. That's why we call our life-line. You see, each of us has treated sometime these problems in their lives, just like you, a professional is nobody, but we all have our own style and way of dealing with things, that is why have a list. If you but feel comfortable in conversation no other with someone about an issue, you can go to another person on your list. One thing that is very important about this list, each person on this list will love you and want nothing but the best for you.

One more thing before you go. This list also does not forget to share all good things with everyone! Their awards, your travel, your marriage and even babies. I love you!

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