Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mary Morrissey : How do I choose Life Coaching Certification Free Training

How do I choose ‪Life Coaching Certification Free Training‬. With increasing regularity nowadays, I find myself getting enquiries from people asking how they should go about choosing a life coach.

Of course, being in the business of training people to be great life coaches, I find it very gratifying to know that the demand for personal coaching services is growing rapidly in my native South Africa. But it's hardly surprising, given the unquestionable power that coaching has to transform lives.

The rise of personal coaching
Until comparatively recently, personal coaching - or life coaching - was largely the domain of wealthy celebrities in the US. The key question, then, for many individuals already convinced of the benefits of coaching, According to Mary Morrissey is: "How do I choose the coach that's just right for me?"

1. Demographic matching

There are many excellent, vibrant and surprisingly wise young coaches around, but you may feel uncomfortable with having a coach who is half your age. Coaching fees come into the equation too, of course. Find the ideal match using the steps I have outlined and then negotiate with your preferred coach if you need to, to fit your budget.

Many coaches are negotiable and some will offer substantial discounts if the client is prepared to pay for the entire coaching program in advance.

2. Niche matching
I call it "matching the niche".

3. Skills matching
Now, I firmly believe that good quality life coaches are self-selecting. As a life coach you won't survive long in business without good word-of-mouth endorsements and client testimonials. Always ask any prospective coach for testimonials or references - and check them out. Ask the coach where and in what method they have been trained. How passionate are the coaches you are considering about the calling they have chosen? Are they registered with any body that promotes ongoing coach development?

4. Vibrational matching
Choosing the 'right' (as opposed to 'good') coach is, arguably, a more important decision than choosing the 'right' doctor or dentist. Rapport is vital to the coaching relationship. Establishing an emotional bond with your coach based on mutual liking and respect, trust, and belief in each other, is the foundation for the achievement of great things through coaching.

How do you establish whether there's a 'vibrational match' with your coach?

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