Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Avoided for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer became the number two killer women after cervical cancer or cervical cancer. Up to now, unknown primary cause of this disease. In fact, young women also began to be threatened.

Early detection is needed to avoid breast cancer. Sometimes there are women who have made diet and healthy lifestyle, but still experiencing this disease. In addition to early detection, each woman also needs to enrich the information on this disease. Every 2 years began doing breast ultrasound, and regular check-ups. Women also need to know its risk factors.

The following risk factors that could cause breast cancer:
1. Not having children
2. Women over age 35 years
3. Genetic factors or genetic risk of breast cancer can be from 5 to 7.5 percent
4. Women who had suffered from benign breast tumors when young
5. Obesity factor
6. Women are more often active at night. This can happen because the hormone melatonin, which is getting lower and cause the hormone estrogen increases

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