Sunday, October 24, 2010

Six Ways to Conserve Water

During this time you may not be difficult to get clean water. Although so if you do not save water and keep it, it is not possible within the next few years could be a need for clean water is scarce.

That's why you should start the habit of saving water. Many ways you can do to keep the water clean from now on, the following six-way.

1. Avoid plastic bottles
Mineral water packed in disposable plastic bottles is very inefficient. Packaging plastic bottles are very difficult to break down in the soil, to parse even take a long time. Toxins in plastic bottles can also contaminate soil and water resources. We recommend using bottles that can be used multiple times and replenished.

2. Use a water filter
If you are concerned with water quality, to get drinking water use water filter equipment. More efficient because you do not need to buy water every time and does not require a plastic gallon. Easy, inexpensive and free of garbage.

3. Put the shower
Place the shower is closer to the head. This will make you berbilas faster, so the bath can be done in five minutes maximum of 10 minutes.

4. Replace flush toilet
Many toilets are wasteful of water. If your toilet so immediately replace with the new, more efficient flush water.

5. Cut grass
Do not be too much to plant grass. To maintain it requires a lot of water. Select only plants that are not too much water to maintain it. You can ask the seller of the plant.

6. Do not let the faucet is leaking
Immediately repair or replace it if there is a leaking faucet. Let it will only make the water wasted. Not to mention the pump that can be constantly lit. Not only saves water but also electricity.

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